The Blogger Interviews #3

If you haven't heard of her already, meet The Stylish Wanderer

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1)What was your favorite outfit as a kid?
I wore a pink long sleeve tee with pink yoga pants and blue and green Geoxs. I was really into comfortable clothing. I had to have the tags cut out of everything and wear my socks inside out because of the seams.

2)What inspires you?
Everything with bright vibrant colors, silky textures and interesting patterns. Im not one for being inspired by gray buildings.

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3) Which blogger would you like to trade wardrobes with for a day?
Probably my buddy Camille from Childhood Flames, partly because I want her Marni wedges and partly because I wonder what it would be like to dress in white and black! Im normally pretty colorful, so something about Camilles basic chic style is so alluring.

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Camille from Childhood Flames

4) Are your friends just as into fashion as you are?
Oh no. They like it, but they are definitely not as into it as me.

5) Where’s your favorite place to be in the world?
New York City, baby.

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6) What are your top 4 favorite smells?

This really old Escada perfume I had when I was 8 that will forever be the best. And maybe cupcakes. And french fries. Or Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

7) What’s your favorite collection of all time?
This is so hard because Ive discovered a few of beautiful collections lately, but I think Ill always say Jean Paul Gaultier couture spring 2008.

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8) If you found 100 dollars on the sidewalk, what would you do with it?
This probably sounds pretty selfish, but Id put it towards whatever pair of heels I want at the moment (Miu Miu S/S 2010!)

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9) If you could only wear one kind of accessory (only rings, only bracelets, etc), what would you choose and why?
Rings, because I think they are the most expressive.

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10) Are you’re a shoe girl or a bag girl? And what’s your favorite shoe/bag?
This is so hard! Im sort of verging towards a shoe girl (sometimes I pass by my Balenciaga wannabes and just sigh) but I used to be a big bad bag girl. If you give me a butter leather handbag Ill marry ya, haha. Joking. Sort of. My cousin bought a handbag 3 years ago that is the most beautiful brown leather with big round metal studs. Im in love with it, and forever will be. So envious its not even funny.

11) What are some of your best shopping tips?
Dont close off your idea of what your "style" is, buy and wear what you want.

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12) What’s one thing you haven’t done that you would like to do before you die?
Go to Greece, Italy, and France.

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Thanks for the interview girl! :)


  1. great interview! shes cool :)

  2. thanks for your lovely comment!!
    love the interview idea!!

  3. awww this is so nice
    i love her, she seems so knowing for a girl her age
    very nice interviews so far
    keep em coming! :)

  4. i looooove the stylish wanderer....so adorable

    love your blog! you always have the most beautiful/inspirational pictures!

  5. she's so sweet^^
    i really admire her and she's really a fashion icon

  6. She's so wonderful! Been following her for a while now <3

  7. What an amazing collection, haven't seen that jet!

  8. What a beautiful blog, and a splendid interview. We love how well you covered her intrests and fashion tastes and we can't wait to see what else your blog brings!

    Rebecca, Maddy and Alec
    La Société de Mode| The Fashion Society