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Today I realized that I am a jacket person. Not a shoe person (although I do love those...), not a bag person (I only carry one over the shoulder on a daily basis), kiiind of a jewelry person (a ring and a bracelet everyday)...but I added a white cardigan to my collection today because I don't have one, and realized I've got such a collection of diverse jackets! Sequins, military, denim, cashmere, beaded, 3/4 sleeve, faux fur, blazers, a peacoat, boleros, hoodies, and a winter coat. I STILL NEED A LEATHER JACKET. But I just though I'd take the time and brag a little because who else but fashion people would appreciate?! Love you guys. Happy monday.



  1. Jackets are nice! I've got a few jackets and you can wear it with everything, and it's warmly for the winter. My favourite is a motorcycle jacket with a diagonal zip and with sequins all over it. I want to wear that jacket every day.. xxxxx

  2. Hey I'm a jacket person too!!!! I would happily spend a lot more on a jacket then i ever would on a pair of shoes bag.... :) love the blog, nice to see a real girl blogging!