reading list

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I have a problem and I read too many blogs. I'm cutting down and switching to books, starting with these...

1)Fear of Flying-Erica Jong
2)To Kill a Mockigbird-Harper Lee
3)Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close-Jonathan Safran Foer
4)The newest issue of lula...(if it costs more than 10 bucks it counts as a book!)
5)Survivor-Chuck Palahniuk
6)sloppy firsts-megan mccafferty (the ultimate guilty pleasure teen novel)

I'm off, I have books to read and 10 dollar magazines to buy! (i kid...)


  1. i love lula. all of the pictures are so dreamy.
    and to kill a mockingbird is great! i like the book better than the movie but other than that great reading list. :)

  2. The only one I've read on your list is To Kill a Mockingbird. I've read it twice, once for school and then again a few years later for my own enjoyment, it's wonderful.

    I have a rule where as soon as I finish a novel I instantly have to start a new one, so I always have a pile of books waiting for me. Currently reading Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut and enjoying it immensely.

    Please share if any of these turn out to be must-reads!

  3. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my faves. I've read it multiple times.


  4. I heart your blog, great post ;)
    I'm now following you with rss feed, I bet you'll love my blog fashionista and follow me too! ;)

    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  5. i love the movie to the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, have you seen it?

    By the way, I love your blog :) <3

  6. Great list, I'll have to wait on the lula magazine i'm afraid, the internet is delightfully free!


  7. That's a lot of books!! I haven't read any of those... Maybe I have to add them to my list ;)


  8. TKAM is great, we studied it just last year
    and SURVIVOR OH MY GOD you will love it. tackle palahniuks other works afterwards, especially and a hundred percent INVISIBLE MONSTERS
    i recommend it

    go take it out

    INVISIBLE MONSTERS by chuck p youll love it

  9. love that picture its so cute!
    i should really read more too, haha

    great great blog (:

  10. there's no movie for extremely loud & incredibly close. the movie is for foer's other book, everything is illuminated. in either case, both books are incredible. very good reads.