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Just because I'm really not into my schedule on Wednesdays, and because I've wanted to do this for a while. If you've ever wanted to ask me anything, now's your chance to ask it!



  1. can you describe your own style?
    why did you start this blog?
    who's your favorite model?
    favorite designer?
    do you wear high heels often?


    maybe i'll come up with more late ;)


  2. hi sweetie!
    how are you?
    i hope everything is fine with you.

    my question is what's your reason why you started blogging?

  3. whats your biggest inspiration?
    how old are you? & when did your intrest in fashion start? Are any of your friends or family as into fashion as you are? What blogs do you look at? whats you favorite item of clothing/ shoe/ jewlery/ furniture ect.? what kind of music do you listen to? if you could live anywhere where would it be?

  4. Where are you from?
    Can we see a picture?

  5. whos your style icon?

    oh such a cool drawing

    thanks for the comment! visit agian!

    Vi from Cali

  6. i'd like to know your favorite places to shop, favorite article of clothing.

  7. what are your staple pieces?
    do you follow trends?
    would you say your style is original?

  8. If you could hang out with any designer for an afternoon, who would it be? If you could hang out with any fashion industry professional (ie editor, stylist, photographer, even model, etc.) for a night on the town, who would that be?

    If not working in the fashion industry, what do you want to do with your life when you graduate?

    Who inspires you, not just stylistically, but in general?

  9. If you could swap closets with any fellow blogger who would it be?

  10. Where do you find most of your pictures? What is your favorite magazine?

    And I LOVE the pictures two posts below!

    -Shoeless Simone

  11. Just found your blog, so I don't really have any questions - but great work. Check out mine ;)



  12. Hey there !
    Well,I was a bit curious why did you start this kind of fashion blog,like an inspiration blog and not a personal one with photos of yours and outfits?

    Also,what is your favourite kind of music ? (if possible,post more music videos,I've loved what i've heard here so far)

    What is your dream job ?

    Good luck,darling !

  13. Whats your favourite band?
    How old are you?
    Could you post a pic of yourself?
    Favourite food?
    Dream job?


  14. Favourite snack?
    Do you wear socks or tights on a daily basis?
    Stuck in the elevator for 48 hours with someone, who would it be and why?

  15. hey girlie! my question is, how would you spend your perfect weekend afternoon?

  16. In high school, was fashion important to you?

  17. wow. i could answer all of these for you ha. ima creep.
    lemme think of one i dont know: would you be willing to start the phytologist as a feature on your blog?
    ok, but a real one: whats your favorite number?

  18. where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    favorite scent?

    if you had to choose one over the other: vintage or designer?

    what car do you drive?

    ** also requesting a vlog soon please!

  19. I just love your blog and I can tell that you have amazing style just by what your inspriations are! Thank you so much for posting - I really love everything you do!

  20. What's your favorite part about blogging?

    Do you have a certain piece of art (collection, campaign, song, etc.) that defines your aesthetic?

    If you could own a boutique, what city would it be in and what brands would you carry?

  21. hi girl! Some questions I wanted to know..

    What's your favourite magazine?
    Who's your favourite model?
    What's your favourite shop?
    What's your favourite city to shop?

    and I will think about some greater questions xxxx