you've got questions i've got answers part DEUX

Here are the rest of the answers to the questions you guys asked for my q&a post!

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Well,I was a bit curious why did you start this kind of fashion blog,like an inspiration blog and not a personal one with photos of yours and outfits? I don’t have the time to run a more personal blog unfortunately. There are definitely days where I wish I had time to pose for pictures and edit them and dress well enough on top of it, but I have a busy schedule and it just kind of worked out better to have this kind of blog. And now I can’t imagine it any other way!
Also,what is your favourite kind of music ?Right now I’m really obsessed with Telephone by Gaga/Beyonce, but for the most part I like alternative/acoustic and a little rap and reggae thanks to my boyfriend.
What is your dream job ? writing or styling, anywhere really.
Whats your favourite band?I don’t have one! My taste in music change too frequently.
Favourite food? A good bleu cheese burger made by my dad and some yummy asparagus!
Favourite snack?Chips and salsa
Do you wear socks or tights on a daily basis?Haha I love this question. I hate socks and never wear them unless I’m wearing boots, but I’m addicted to tights! Unless I’m wearing jeans, I’ve got em on.
Stuck in the elevator for 48 hours with someone, who would it be and why? My grandpa because I’ve always wished I could’ve gotten to know him better.
how would you spend your perfect weekend afternoon?Waking up late, having someone cook breakfast for me, going and spending time outside on a hike with some wine, and then maybe a date with my boyfriend and a sleepover.
got a guilty pleasure? Farmville.
In high school, was fashion important to you?Random fact I was actually named best dressed in my high school haha, I wore a uniform because I went to a private high school, but I was definitely just as obsessed.
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What's your favourite city to shop?I’m not really sure I know the answer to this one yet. I am living on a poor college students budget and most of my money gets spent on gas and food so I’m not gonna answer this one yet. Ask me again in a few years!
ok, but a real one: whats your favorite number? I always feel bad for the other numbers when I pick a favorite, they all have their merit.
where do you see yourself in 5 years?
graduated and living somewhere in southern California probably, hopefully going to fashion school or working with fashion however I can.
favorite scent?Freshly ground coffee
if you had to choose one over the other: vintage or designer?If I HAD to choose one, probably designer, just because I don’t really have the body for vintage clothes! Women wore clothes really differently back in the day.
what car do you drive?a red jetta. I’m in love.
What's your favorite part about blogging? It never feels like a chore, it’s my way of de-stressing so I look forward to it!
Do you have a certain piece of art (collection, campaign, song, etc.) that defines your aesthetic? The Chloe collection when Stam fell. (SS06?) Everything about it changed the way I look at fashion.
If I had a boutique what city would it be in and what brands would you carry? San Fransisco probably, because I love the energy of that city and I don't know if NYC is the place for me even though lots of people seem to think so. And nothing crazy, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Rag and Bone, Opening Ceremony, a little Proenza Schouler and simple tees by Alexander wang. etc. Stuff that I like (or would like..) to wear.
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hopefully this answers everything, happy friday everyone!


  1. i like the interview, it's nice to get a bit of a picture of who's behind pepper and chips :)

  2. great interview.
    we've added you to our blogroll if you'd like to check us out !

    - The Style Monster