The Blogger Interviews #5

Meet Dajana of LE FLASSH

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1)What inspires you?
I find inspiration from everything. People, art, music, movies..etc

2)You live in Australia. How has that affected your style?
Australia has a really relaxed style and lifestyle so my style and what i wear is normally quite relaxed, clean, simple but i also like to add pieces into my wardrobe that stand out to mix up with more basic items.
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3)If you could be anywhere right now, who would you be with and where would you be?
it would be somewhere tropical like the Maldives with some close friends or somewhere in Paris.

4)You have $500 lying around. How do you spend it?
I would hop on to net-a-porter and buy something from alexander wang or acne.
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5)What's your favorite thing to eat and your favorite restaurant?
i love garlic prawns, chicken salads, pizza.. i love food. i eat a whole lot of junk food also.

6)Name one quality you admire in yourself/a quality you admire in others.
Honesty, Trust and Respect.
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7)Name 3 things you can't leave the house without.
iphone, money, lucas papaw ointment
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8)What are your 3 most important shopping tips?
i don't really have any tips, i just buy what i like but i do believe in getting a lot of great basics like t-shirts and then pairing them up with more unique standout pieces.

9)What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?
Something that i enjoy and love. Hopefully within the fashion industry.

10)If you could swap wardrobes with any blogger who would it be and why?
carolines mode would be ideal because it is quite simple to what my wardrobe is like but she just wears all the designers and clothes that i WISH i could afford to be wearing!
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caroline from carolines mode

11)How would you describe your style?
i think the best way to describe it would be effortless dressing. I like to be comfortable in my clothes. So simple, easy dressing.
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12)What are your staple pieces?
basics like t-shirts in greys, white and black. Skinny jeans in black, leather jackets, ankle boots..

13)What item are you currently lusting over?
everything from alex wang and acne.
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14)Describe your perfect saturday.
it would have to be waking up early and just lazing around all day reading books, magazines, drinking tea.. etc or spent somewhere out and about with friends.
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Thanks Dajana! Everyone make sure to check out her blog HERE


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