The Blogger Interviews #6

Meet Melanie of Melanie Likes!

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This girl has seriously amazing style that's been inspiring me in all sorts of new ways recently...

1)What inspires you?
Who I am as a person definitely inspires the way I dress. I'm the sixties reincarnated & my personal style reflects that. There are certain aspects of the sixties that I feel very connected to - the revolution that occurred, the art, the music, & the fashion - all of which deeply inspire the outfits I present both on my blog & in my daily life.
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2)What are three staple pieces in your closet?
Three staple pieces in my closet? Gosh. I'd have to say my orange sixties-inspired cropped jacket, my dark mustard jacket that I wore in one of my most recent posts, & because I'll always be an oxfords-&-ankle boots-type-of-girl, my Jeffrey Campbell boots - the most expensive pair of shoes I own - are probably my most prized possession; not only because they're beautiful, but also because I love me some Jeffrey Campbell!
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3)Why did you decide to start blogging, and which blogs do you read regularly now?
Initially, I began blogging as a reference for my future self to see how my personal style has grown over time. It's been such an interesting experience to be able to find so many other fashion blogs & to be able to interact with fellow bloggers - whether they're half-way across the world or across the street. Some blogs I regularly read are The Sartorialist, Karla's Closet (karlascloset.com), The Styish Wanderer (thestylishwanderer.blogspot.com), & Style is Style (styleisstyle.blogspot.com) - just a few of my favorites.

4)Describe your favorite place to be on earth and why you love it so much.
My favorite place on earth is Yosemite National Park, because ultimately it represents the infinite love I have for my family. When I was young, I would go there often with my parents & my brother. We'd go hiking & basically just bask in all of nature's glory! I'm very close to my parents & my three brothers, so Yosemite is just a reminder that my family will always be beside me for all of my life - kind of like a Sequoia tree. :)

5)What kinds of music do you listen to? Do you think music influences your style at all?
I've always been into the underground feel-good music. I always tell my boyfriend that I only listen to music that reminds me of memories from my life. The Strokes, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Kurt Vile, & everything else in my iPod. Although music is a very big part of my life, it rarely influences what I wear - unless I'm digging the white two-piece suit Albert Hammond Jr. is wearing on stage. Genius.
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6)Describe the perfect Saturday

Ideally, my Saturday would consist of me hanging out with The Strokes. But realistically speaking, I'd spend my day either with family laughing at the least funny of things, or sloppily making sushi with my boyfriend. Both situations would indefinitely lead to hours upon hours of thrifting & eventually being shot by The Sartorialist. Very spontaneous Saturday, I know.
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7)Name a quality you admire in other people and a quality you admire in yourself.
I deeply admire humility in other people - it's a quality that is so important to have in order to love & be loved. I, myself, am a very kind-hearted person. I care about how other people feel & I always think before I speak. My mother always taught me to have compassion for others. As I've grown, so has my corazon. :)

8)Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself living in a big city writing for either the L.A. Times or maybe an independent magazine. As long as I'm happy, I have my family, & I'm able to support myself, I think I'll be more than content with where I am.

9)Do you have any style icons? (and who are they!)

I have a few style icons. One, being my mother. She was such a bombshell in the eighties & she had the most original sense of style I've ever seen. Edie Sedgwick is also such a great inspiration for me. She is the epitamy of what an independent woman in the sixties is. Fur plus tights is such an Edie trademark & will forever be a timeless combination. My last style icon is of course the beautiful Agyness Deyn. She's so original. Androgyny at its finest. Oh, don't even get me started on her hair.
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10) If your closet caught on fire, what three pieces would you save?

I just want to say that this is probably one of my biggest fears. I can't even comprehend a situation where I wouldn't be able to stuff as much of my closet into a dufflebag & throwing it out the window as quickly as possible before being burned. So my answer is I would save three dufflebags full of all my clothing & shoes. Does that count? :)

11)Can you give us some of your shopping tips?
I have one major shopping tip: do not go anywhere with expectations. If you're looking for something specific, you won't find it. Just go shopping with an open mind, & that's usually when you find something you'll completely adore.

12)What do you do on your spare time besides blog?
In my spare time, besides blogging, I love riding my bike, thrifting, finding out something new, being a doofus with my brothers, eating, driving around aimlessly with my boyfriend, & overall, just living my life & avoiding all things negative. I'm a healthy mo'fugga.
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13)What's the last great book you read?
The last great book that I've read is Someplace to be Flying by Charles de Lint. It's simply extraordinary. If you're into mythical "animal people," then you'll love this book. Quite enticing.

14)Name three things you want to do before you die.
Before I die, I want to see the Alaskan Northern Lights, be a successful Journalist, & be on the cover of NYLON magazine. I'm not joking. :)
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Thanks so much for the interview Melanie! And guys, if you haven't already--be sure to check out her blog at melanielikes.blogspot.com


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