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I've always wanted to know how to do a braid like that..my hair is too layered to really do it but it's still one of those hair things that I will hopefully be able to try.



  1. if u discover how to do it tell me

  2. I know! I found out here a while ago:

    You just keep on doing like in the fourth picture all the way out! It's very easy once you've found out how to do it :) hah

  3. Love fishtail braids myself. And her dress is so easy breezy. Great overall look!

  4. It's really quite easy!
    Just separate your hair into two strands, and take a small piece from one side to the other, then a small piece from the second side to the first, then repeat.
    I almost always do fishtails over regular, because they only take a little longer and they look a lot better~ everyone always asks me how it's done

  5. ahhh it looks so awesome :) i really really really want to learn how to do that! a girl on my friend's softball team knows how to do it, but she never told me how to!

  6. I found a great tutorial on seablanket.blogspot.com, but now i can't find the link! It's the only tutorial that made the fishtail easy to learn, so maybe see if you can find it there? :)

  7. its called a fishbone braid, its super easy and can work on any hair (:
    good luck looovely !