My First Giveaway!

I'm really happy to announce that in the past couple of days I've teamed up with the amazing DesignerApparel.com on a giveaway for my readers that I am so so excited about! For the next week, you can enter to with this amazing Elizabeth and James Silver Scallop Ring! (Amazing, right?)
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For those of you who don't already use DesignerApparel, it's basically a huge shopping search engine. They have products from tons of stores like Shopbop, Bloomingdales, Zappos, and Net-a-Porter and it's easy to find what you want without having to go back and forth between a billion websites. Luckily, you don't have to be rolling in the dough to use it either (which makes it easy--and addicting!--for a poor college student like me)...you can find anything from Prada and Burberry, to smaller labels like Loro Piana.

To enter, the rules are simple:
1.Follow Pepper and Chips on Bloglovin'
2.Tell me how you'd make this ring stand out if you won
3.Leave a comment with your first name and e-mail
The contest will close on Wednesday of next week, September 22nd and I'll announce the winner!
(This contest is open to all readers--US and abroad!)


  1. That ring would stand out on my ring finger because I wear two rustic looking Mexican-Catholic bracelets and one dapper dinner bracelet on my right wrist. You see, I NEED this bracelet to balance the clean with the casual already on my arm! It's the missing puzzle piece.


  2. this ring is fabulous. i would wear it with everything, all the time, everyday, and even in the shower.

    i love pepperandchips!!

    xoxo mae

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for the great opportunity for all of us fashion lovers to be able to win this fantastic piece! I think the best way for this ring to stand out would to pair it with a set of dark nails, maybe like a Chanel navy blue. This ring gives me a sense of darkness, and the nails would definitely compliment that aesthetic. I would probably wear it on my ring finger, and on the others wear a few more simple silver pieces. A black cape or flowing top would give a softness to the hard edge of the ring, and to top everything off, i would stack some bracelets on my arms. On the bottom? put on some leather leggings and flats. Maybe for an interesting touch, I'd even add a plum lipstick. The ring's shape is so edgy and original, allowing it to standout against a dark back drop of simple silhouettes would be perfection!

    xxoox thanks, i read you everyday, you're wonderful!


  4. Hey Annabel,
    I love this ring! It's totally my style. I'd wear this ring it with perhaps a black lace skirt and a simple top. No necklaces or bracelets, because the ring should be the focus. I would probably add a few thin, simple rings in addition to this one though, but nothing crazy - this one would definitely stand out! It'd add just the right amount of edge to balance out an otherwise simple outfit, but the silver keeps in classic.

    -Mallory, contactmaliciousmallory @ gmail.com

  5. following ;) i would wear the ring. like every day. i thought it stood "how to make this ring stand" so my answer is id like to try to make it stand like in the photos. spin it and then put it on my finger. and then do it again.


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  8. psh, i've been following you forever on bloglovin. =)

    i have been so into chucky and statement rings lately, and i love to wear them all at once! i have a antique spoon ring, a porcupine ring (the noir jewelry one), and a chunky ring with a crucifix on it that i've been wearing constantly. this ring will definitely add greatly to the mix!

    statement rings look amazing in large quantities and i think it adds an edge to any outfit. but for a more elegant look, i would cut back on the quantity and instead let this beautiful ring stand alone. either way, i am so in love with this!

    christina k

  9. I keep forgetting to add my name and e-mail!

    I would wear this ring with dark-almost black red nail polish, black leggings with black suede high-heeled booties, my Alexander Wang slate, modal t-shirt, layers of silver dainty charm necklaces, this black leather string that I strung with red beads that I wrap around my wrists and use as a bracelet (on the side of the ring). I'd do black smoky eye with soft pink lipstick to add softness to the edge.


  10. that ring is so amazing, its simple and statement at the same time, and would fit my every mood. I can see it with a little black dress, brown leather belt and beat up ankle boots, muave cardigan, slightly ripped navy tights. I wouldnt wear anyother jewlery on my hands/wrists, or it would get lost, but maybe a statemeant necklace, or nice tarnished chain necklace.


  11. miranda


    figured i would just make a little polyvore collage to show you how i wear this piece and make it stand out!


  12. I would wear the Elizabeth and James Silver Scallop Ring with a simple black maxi dress and boots to kill.

    Wei Wei

  13. i've been following you for a while...

    i would wear this ring with a simple black v-neck tee on a long silver chain--from my neck! when not in the mood for a necklace i'd wear it on my middle or pointer finger with just about anything simple and gorgeous.

    thanks for the opportunity.





  14. What a gorgeous ring.
    If I won this ring I would make it stand out by wearing it with no other jewellery, black maxi dress and black ankle boots.
    Nice and simple.


  15. Hi,
    I've been following you since the day you commented on my blog!!

    Apparently,it's a pretty ring that everyone would want it badly. If I got this,I would wear it on whenever I'm attending important event because it'll definitely be very a special ring!!

    That's so nice of you to share this beautiful ring with everyone!!^^


  16. wow, that ring is so adorable!

  17. I would wear this ring constantly. It is the perfect mix of simple and minimalistic, while still being unconventional and different.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    - callie

  18. How fucking cool ring!
    It would be gorgeous if I wore it with my brand new faux fur vest and skinny jeans. Or with a silk blouse and leather pants. Or with a chunky knit. Or with my lovely dress with flowers. Or..


  19. This ring would stand out on my because when it comes to rings, I stick with two that I've had forever. One is a present from my parents and the other is a ring that myself and my two other best friends wear. The ring would stand out because the other two are very minimalistic, so people would notice the different shape and look of the Elizabeth and James ring. To say I have a particular outfit to wear it with right now would be a lie, but I can say that if I were to get it, it would never leave my finger!


  20. Hi:)
    to say that i nearly fainted when i saw this post is an understatement. I have loved Elizabeth and James and the Olsen aesthetic for a long time.
    I'm going to be fifteen tommorow, and it would really be a great gift for me to win the ring. I love jewellery and i have entered many competitions like this and have never won. :(

    It's also my fifteenth birthday in a couple of days so this would be the perfect gift. (excuse the blatant hinting!)

    To style this outfit, I would wear a fitted, full length black dress, an oversized, grey jumper and a pair of chunky, heeled ankle boots. I would also wear a pair of distressed leather fingerless gloves with no other jewellery because this ring because is so amazing!

    I would love to win, and keep blogging because your taste is completely unique:)

    Ria Mayor,
    funkypenguin365@hotmail.com (embarassing, i know!)


  21. Great giveaway!! I've been following you with bloglovin for some time now, and your blog is the one I HAVE to see every day haha :p

    I think I would never take this ring of my finger, so that's why you should give it to me hahaha :D No, really, I'd wear it with everything, and of course my friends would be super jealous I have an Elizabeth and James ring :D Or maybe, first I'd lay it next to my bed for a month, so it'd be the first thing I see in the morning, the month after that I'd start wearing it for special occasions, and so on, until it never leaves my finger anymore ;D what do you think of that?




  22. love the ring! would have to do some trial and error before I knew what to wear it with. But quite possibly everything as am also a poor student.

    thanks, i really enjoy your blog.

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  24. I wouldn't change my style to wear this ring. I'd wear it everyday, with my everyday wardrobe. :)


  25. I'd wear it with an all black outfit to make the silver of the ring 'pop' against the monochrome backdrop...maybe a maxi skirt paired with a lace top and a turban/headwrap (all black ofc) and vamp-coloured lips!


  26. this ring totally stands out for itself, so if I had the guts - I'd wear it all alone. you know, as in naked. haha!
    but I won't do that, so my other option would probably be to pair it with a really bright nail polish and a black jumpsuit. I think that the combination of black with a bright color will make the silver pop.
    thanks for doing this giveaway!

    Dana K

  27. Rachel-rjthw9@mail.missouri.edu

    Black nails, black outfit, hair pulled back and slicked, dark/nude combination make-up and some avant-garde shoes would provide the ideal canvass for this amazingly architectural ring to really pop (though it does that quite well by itself). This is such an amazing giveaway- one of the best I've participated in!

  28. girl i been followin' you fer a while now :)

    first, i'd remove my other rings and only wear this one, so it'd be a focal point. i'd pair it with my vintage armani black jersey maxi skirt, mirror finish dr. marten oxfords, simple white v-neck tee (although i really love sophomore nyc's line) and a lil simple v-neck black cardigan. the ring is too beautiful not to let it stand out!

  29. i adore this ring!! i'd wear it with a minimalist outfit--a white off shoulder shirt with some skinny jeans and tall black boots.

  30. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

    I would wear this ring with a black, high-waisted, flowy skirt and a simple white tank. I think a very simplistic look would look great with such an amazing, sleek piece of jewelry like this ring.





  31. This is such a fantastic ring!!
    Id wear it on its own, on one hand and have the other bling-ed up.
    I think it speaks for itself!
    I love love love this ring, what a fantastic giveaway!



  32. I would wear this ring with a tight dress or skirt(with some simple top), simple. And with the ring so it would stand out :)


  33. I have been following you for quite some time now, but I've never quite got the hang of Bloglovin'...maybe I will now!

    I would wear the ring alone on my right hand, as I have an arabic tattoo on my wrist, which would look awesome with a simple statement ring.
    On my left hand I would have a couple more rings; my huge oval shaped turquoise ring I got from Camden market, and small emerald ring which was my mothers - she bought it when she was 16, and now I wear it all the time!

    Clothes wise I would wear my long white grandad collar shirt, with thick dark tights and my battered vintage brown boots. I would also wear my newly aquited aviator jacket from eBay!

    I would have my face played down, with an exeption of eyebrows and lips- I always have a strong brow, and I would wear my Mudslide lipstick.

    Leni George

  34. i just like the ring - i'd probably wear it on my right hand. wave my hand all around when i talk so people would notice :)

  35. Jax Partlow

    I would make this ring my own because I usually only wear gold. My mom passed down all of her jewelry to me and every piece is gold. Which isn't bad, I love her pieces, but it's time for me to mix it up and this ring would really be the perfect way. I'd wear it on my left hand, because I'm superstitious of having anything on my right hand (I'm an artist and college student thus an extreme note taker).

    And I already follow you! Have for months!

    Au Revoir!

  36. ooh, i love huge rings like that. it looks like a double finger ring which makes me love it even more because i think they can 100% stand on their own.
    i'd wear this ring on my left hand, with my thin gold band on my right hand. i'd save it for winter with an all black outfit. hair in a messy knot, black jeans, black slouchy sweater with a black zip up jacket on top and some lace up boots or oxfords. and a pair of geeky tortoise shell glasses :)

    been following you for months!


  37. fantastic giveaway item! I know everyone says it and it is in no way related to the task at hand here, but I follow your blog. a lot. I check everyday, in fact. you've got an inspiring collection here.

    anyways! I would wear it with almost anything - silver is my favorite color, and all of my jewelry is silver. I own some fun animal head rings that I think would play nicely with this piece. Also a fresh coat of nail polish: I'm thinking either a pop of color (sea foam green/burgundy) or steel gray.

    as for clothing, does it even matter? people will be lookin' at my hands and I'll make sure of it

    love, Laura

  38. Oh my gosh, love that ring! I'd make the ring sand out by wearing a deep vampy wine polish color on my fingernails to draw the eyes to my hands, and also black bangles around my wrist so that eyes notice the contrast of the silver against the other darker colors of my nails and bangles.
    Thanks girl!

    I follow on Bloglovin.


    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  39. I wouldn't wear this with anything. I need it on my finger so bad that i don't need to wear anything else if i have it. Yes, i'm saying that i would pair this divine ring with absolute nakedness.

  40. oh yeah, rebecca- rebeccayellin@yahoo.com

  41. Ahh! I adore simple pieces like this! It'd be perfect for the military and grunge-inspired looks I'm planning for this coming FW. Dark nails (purple, blue or pewter) and fingerless gloves would complete the look!



    Thanks! x

  42. Simple, refined, and pretty. It's how i describe my style, and this ring. I too am a poor college student :( haha and I definitely would deeply appreciate a piece like this. When I find or receive something with a great story behind it, it just makes that thing ten times more important to me. To make this ring stand out, or any piece of jewelry for that matter, I think the best way to do it is to pair it with an outfit that won't outshine what you want people to notice. A nice pair of denim, lace flats, a nice tee, and a scarf would look pretty good I would think...

    xx- Erica.

  43. I'd wear it with a cashmere tee, balmain inspired bullet belt, skinnies and boots. A nice, simple feminine touch!

    Amanda, amanda.viel@hotmail.com

  44. I bought two really amazing items at h&m the other day: a black sheer blouse and a black studded corset. That's what i would were it with, very simple, the ring deserves all the attention. Pair it with light skinny jeans and leopard wedges.


  45. ncmmorris@aol.com
    i think it would stand out as the only ring on my fingers, i'd just wear a few simple chains, a silk blouse, blue jeans and black fur-lined boots. pefect fpr those simple, comfy outfits to wear to school.

  46. It would be the only ring I would wear, and I would style it with a simple white sheath and blazer.
    --Delaney fashion.knickknacks@gmail.com