q&a part 2

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1)question: what are your favourite inspirational websites? for your photographs etc?
I know everyone says this, but I get inspiration from everywhere. Fashion Gone Rogue posts lots of editorials so that's good, but I never really know when something's gonna pop up that i'll use. And also the Fashion Spot is a gift from God.

2)annabel well done! i'd like to ask you if you have any tips you have on getting a little blog exposure? like how did you let people know that your blog existed?!
Thankyou! I wanted to keep it separate from my personal life, so only a few of my friends know about, but as far as exposure..it's all about getting the link out there! Whether it's a chictopia account, or commenting on other people's blogs, along with posting lots of original content (or stuff that doesn't massively circulate in all the top blogs)..I feel like people come back if they see stuff on a blog that they don't see anywhere else.

3)where do you live and what do you do?work/study?
I divide my time between San Diego, Santa Cruz, and L.A. (where my boyfriend lives). School is in Santa Cruz and I'm studying Lit and Film. If you're wondering, I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it, but I know I'm going to fashion school after I graduate!

4)How much time do you spend blogging per day/week?
Haha, it changes weekly. This week is fashion week, and I feel like I could spend all day watching shows and videos and looking at backstage photos and things to post here etc, but I try to not get tooo absorbed. Maybe 2 hours a day for posting here, reading bloglovin, and other fashion-web-surfing.

5)do your friends enjoy fashion as much as you do or do you use your blog as your primary creative outlet?
Some of them do! It's really nice having friends outside of the internet who I can talk about blogs and trends and the McQueen armadillo shoes with. For the most part, my blog IS my primary creative outlet, but I DO have a couple of friends who are there to answer my fashion questions and try ridiculous things with.

6)what school do you go to?

UC Santa Cruz, I'm a proud banana slug :)

7)do you find it difficult to make it in the fashion industry as an editor or journalist?
I haven't gotten to that step yet! I feel that people who are passionate about something will end up working in that field in some way, you just can't have expectations because that never works out, you know? I know I want to work in fashion, but I have to graduate college before I figure out how easy/difficult it is to break in to the whole thing.

8)are you considering studying fashion besides english lit?

Yes! I said in a question somewhere up there that I definitely plan on going to fashion school after. Maybe marketing or visual communications?

9)how has having a blog helped you (in all ways)?
I like this question, because it's helped me more than I realized! I mean, it hasn't changed my life in the way it has changed SOME bloggers lives, but I still feel like it's helped me just by existing. It's constantly there to push me to be creative and thoughtful and even if I'm only writing a sentence, it pushes me to write, which I love.

10)how has your sense of style evolved through the years?

Oh God, hopefully you will never see pictures of me in my awkward phase! I used to be really into black and too much eyeliner. When I was like 16 or 17 I started caring more and realizing how to dress to flatter my body and so I finally came around to how I dress now--quirky, simple, and comfortable.

11)HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME!? its like illegal in most states..
YOU'RE AWESOME! All of you guys are.

12)what celebrity would you leave your jewish boyfriend for?
Haha this is my favorite question. I love my jewish boyfriend, but I wouldn't mind an exotic weekend with Gael Garcia Bernal. I've recently been watching a bunch of his movies and have fallen back into the massive crush I had in high school--and he's got that accent!

13)dream designer pieces you would die to have?

If I was limited to my choices, I'd want to buy a few things I'd wear forever. The Mulberry Alexa bag, YSL Tribute pumps in matte black, a Chanel tweed jacket, and a couple of basics by Isabel Marant.
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14)what were you like in high school?/how old are you now?
I turned 20 this summer, so high school wasn't that long ago! (Repping the class of '08) I was, I think, pretty much the same as personality goes, but I dressed a bit more grown up. I think I wanted to be sophisticated but realized that wouldn't work out for me so I started dressing more my age in Santa Cruz.

15)where do you live? do you like it there?
San Diego is beautiful and bustling and I love it, and Santa Cruz is even more beautiful but less bustling. I love both of the cities a lot but Santa Cruz will forever hold a special place in my heart--the redwoods, the fog, the beach, the people..I'm in love!

16)new york, london, milan, or paris?/what is your one favorite show from each?
NY-Marc Jacobs usually, because he ends up being so influential each season
London-Burberry. I die for Christopher Bailey.
Paris-Lanvin, Viktor&Rolf, and Givenchy

17)whats your fave story about yourself as a little kid?

I don't think people on here know this about me, but I lived in Italy for two years when I was little, and was fluent in Italian. We lived on the island of Sicily and traveled all over Italy. My parents always talk about how I learned Italian faster than them so when I was 5 and 6 years old I became the family translator!

18)do you have siblings? if so, how do they influence your style?
I have a 14 year old sister who is super cool. We get along really well but our styles are very different! She's helpful because she'll always tell me if something doesn't look right.

19)do you have blogger friends?

Not really! I've never done a meet-up or anything like that, but I have e-mail correspondence with 2 or 3. I'm not against it, I guess the opportunity has just never come up!

I'll leave you guys with a lovely .gif of me. Thanks for reading and sticking around!
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  3. You lived in Italy! That's so cool! Do you miss it?

  4. thanks for answering my questions! you're easy -and fun- to relate to! good luck with everything! (i'm a loyal follower from Ecuador! :D )

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