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I am a one hour plane ride away from three of my favorite women in my life: my mom, my sister, and my best friend. Currently at the airport with a soy chai tea, my favorite stripey shirt (that I just found a hole in! noooo), and my book (still making my way through Bulgakov's Master and Margarita).

ALSO, on a different note. Now that it's cold outside, I'm thinking it's time to change up my header to be a little more appropriate. I'm not so great with photoshopping and those things, so if anyone would be willing to take the time to collaborate on a header with me, send me an email at pepperandchips@hotmail.com...I'm open to pretty much anything.



  1. You very beautiful, i love this style!!!
    Your blog is lovely!!!))

  2. master and margarita has been on my list fooorever. maybe after i finish the 4 books i'm smack in the middle of now. happy thanksgiving!

  3. ohh just such a lovely outfit and i adore the lights in it..

    xx claudia