it's summer somewhere

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Sometimes I post stuff that is totally seasonally inappropriate, but I'm never too torn up about it because there's another half of the world that is in summer right now! Hello Australia and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere! This ones for you.



  1. I love that you recognize that half the world is experiencing summer now. Most people associated December with snow. I live the tropics (South East Asia) so it's the northern hemisphere but no snow just rain or sun.

    Short skirts are appropriate the whole year round here so I totally get this outfit. With a layered sweater for when its a bit chilly. :)

  2. Thank you!! I was just scrolling through my blog reader thinking how sick I was of seeing snow (especially when it is raining here in Australia). Thanks for thinking of us :)

  3. Greetings from New Zealand =) It is boiling and humid at the moment.

    What a great outfit. Simple and chic.

  4. HONEY, THERE AIN'T NO SUNSHINE IN AUSTRALIA AT THE MOMENT. Fingers crossed it comes out soon. But this outfit is kind of season appropriate. So perfect.

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