my bag

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I've always loved the idea of doing a post of what's in my bag. For some reason, I finally took the time to do it tonight!

1. Leopard bag by Nasty Gal
2. my huge knots of keys with Pokey key chain (I need my keys to take up a lot of room so I never lose them)
3. handmade flower bobby pin
4. mechanical pencil
5. burts bees
6. leather wallet from a thrift store in santa cruz
7. my fancy cell phone, the intensity 2
8. ipod & headphones
9. backup Revlon lipstick in blackberry
10.Zumbo Kiss shea butter lip balm
11. Ray-Bans
12. tide-to-go pen
13. extra bracelet just in case

This kind of makes me sound like a hoarder but you can see it's not that much! What are your guys' essentials?


  1. I love this....haha its so interesting to see what people keep in their bags (& I'll be honest, yours is alot more organised & clean than mine!)

    love your blog :)


  2. this post is lovely
    it's fun to see what people carries daily


  3. Essentials?! Ahah, in my bag there's a whole world!!


  4. Revlon lipstick in blackberry - This is a perfect lipstick for someone who wants to have a glamorous Old-Hollywood look. It's a deep burgundy brownish red. It gives off a regal, classy, and yet subdued feel, not the bright screaming kind of red. The first time I put it on (light medium Asian skin), I felt like it made me looked like a geisha. It really stands out, so make sure you have perfect-looking skin for this (or like me, put on foundation and concealer for a good coverage).
    Since it's a deep red, much care is needed when apply. You MUST use a lip liner to prevent bleeding and carefully mark the boundaries.
    The last is fine, not great but not shabby either.
    Overall, the shade might be too "dramatic" for daytime wear (especially during summertime), but it looks so good on me that I don't even care. I guess I am bold that way :)

  5. I love this product. All natural, good for you, good for the environment. What's best is that no animals were killed or tortured for the making of this product. I keep a tube in my car, my truck, my husbands truck, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on my desk, and in my coat pocket. Especially in the winter time, I NEVER want to be without this product.

    Burt's Bees lip balm leaves your lips soft and moisturized. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Since discovering Burt's Bees, I have thrown out all of my petroleum-laden products like Blistex and Chap Stick.

  6. i like your bag...and love that you carry the tide-to-go pen! does it work well??


  7. Don't know why but it's always very interesting to see what people got in their bags, nice stuff! xx