say cheese

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An apt description for my feelings at the moment. I am here to vent because le francais is killing me. (Do I have any readers in France? Hello? Bonjour?) I'm distracting myself on here but have to get back to work! Talk soon! A bientot!
*edit:I tagged this as Ashley Olsen because I was sure it was just her, but someone pointed out the top is Ashley and the bottom is MK? I'm not sure, but either way. Olsens ftw!



  1. Hey Annabel, yes you do have at least 1 reader in France. My name is Camille and I love your blog !!

  2. Hi! I´ve been living in France for four months, but are actually leaving to go to Norway this morning, and I am a very faithful reader, love you blog!
    Good luck with your french, and enjoy France!

  3. Aha
    Love this picture!
    I'm not in France... but I love your blog too :)

  4. The first one is def ashley & the second pic is def MK. I love how they are posing the same and even wearing the same ring!

  5. im pretty sure both pictures are of ashley

  6. I think they're both of Ashley, because the folds of the fabric and the hair is EXACTLY the same, only the expression is different. I don't think you would be able to achieve exactly the same fabric folds/ fall of hair if they were different girls.
    Neither do I think the olsen twins would agree to wear exactly the same outfit, as they are both so unique!
    Love the blog.

    Kisses from Australia,

  7. i now live in france but have been an avid reader all the way from california :) and i feel you, doll. french is quite a bitch to learn. hang tough ;)