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Okay, so I am obsessed with Yvan Rodic the Facehunter and his blog Yvan Rodic (click if you haven't been before!). wellll, last night I had a dream HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND! I know that's stupid and I probably shouldn't be gushing about it on the blog but it was great because I think I have a little celebrity crush on him. ahhh, yvan.


  1. Haha! He sounds like a really cool guy. He's coming to my city for a book signing this month! Hope I get to meet him! Then again I have a tendency to forget my name when Starstruck! EEP!

  2. aww know what you mean I had the same dream once :D i met him at london fashion week and he wanted to take a picture of me and I nearly had a heart attack as he stood in front of me all of a sudden,I swear! he's so amazing!!! ♥ love your blog btw,always inspiring me!

  3. I saw him at Fashion Week in ny this year and I literally had to stop myself from following him out of the tents ---- he just seems to have a magnetic air of cool? (the pastel plaid pants help). I'm not sure - maybe I was just feeling a little smitten....