all about her

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So into this outfit right now, even though I am slightly delirious and tired (I just wrote a whole thing about how much I love her topknot and then realized it's not her hair)...also, ended up changing back into my sneakers by the end of today, apparently Dr. Martens are a real bitch to break in. I will suffer through this process, i've heard it's worth it!



  1. Love this!! The leopard print skirt is amazing, and I love the way she paired the gold belt with it too... amazing! :)

    VPV Intern

  2. I've been totolly obsessed with a leopard skirt! great post, hun!


  3. they are a bitch to break in. i have like, uh, 20 pairs (not all were bought new). i have several pairs of the same oxfords you just bought, and yes, they are annoying to wear when they are that new, but just suffer through for as long as you can. once they are broke in they last forever! it is wayyy easier to break in the shoes than it is the boots, because you don't have all that shizz rubbing around yr ankle. hang in there girl, that outfit was cute-y... i think we may have been outfit twinz at some point in time ;)