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As a glasses wearer, I'm much more aware of details when it comes to eyeglasses (or at least it feels that way). I've been wearing the same Burberry frames for years and years now, just because I feel they suit my face so well. Sorry for the punny title, but I'm thinking of changing my frames one of these days just to switch things up, and all these are a lot crazier than the ones I wear but I'm kind of okay with that! Also, I just watched the newest Selby film about Lucy Chadwick--if any of you can ID those frames, I will love you forever! They are the ones I truly want and I can't find the designer anywhere! I'd post a picture but I'm writing this from the airport and the internet sucks. Love you.



  1. You MUST check out Warby Parker...not only do they have amazing and affordable frames, they have a super cool home try-on system :)

    And they are crazy nice!



  2. i am so glad glasses are 'fashionable' again! i'm legally blind and get tired of my contacts day in and day out...