Introducing to the world...my bedspread. Thought I might as well do one of these What's In my Bag posts, since I've been keeping it minimal lately.
Baggu leather bag
NW by Zadie Smith (I've been carrying it around forever, can't seem to get through the last 100 pages..)
Michael Kors wallet
Clutch, extra emergency jewelry c/o Mark. (thanks guys! Especially obsessed with this necklace)
RayBans. A must.
Dr. Hauschka lip balm. The only balm to touch my lips (which are very soft, might I add)
The latest Vanity Fair with my ultimate girl crush, Jennifer Lawrence
LACMA Map, from the Stanley Kubrick exhibit Sam and I went to last weekend
Cutest pen ever from Poketo. You can't tell, but it has mint green stripes like a barber pole. So cute.
Airborne. Tis the sick season, after all.
Okay so I may been (slightly) minimal in what I've been carrying, but I guess I'm so excited about it all that I had to blab about it all to you guys. Everything I carry is highly treasured and I highly recommend it all to you!


  1. awwww....mr baggu! Love him and everything in it, you new minimalist you!

  2. haha love it ! the jewelry is really pretty too !

    Alexandra Marie