victorian lace

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I never really figured out how to properly wear or layer lace. It's not easy! I'm a jeans and a flannel type of girl but the whimsy of this makes me dream of a different closet!


  1. This photo is so stunning! I have never figured out the right way to wear lace either, but I always love when people wear it well.

  2. i'm going to have to agree with you, lace is a hard one :) but if it's worn well it looks stunning. just like that photo! :)


  3. I love lace too. All my friends know my style - laces, flowers etc. But I never know how to match them well with my other clothes. Gotta learn!

  4. i'm so into lace now too
    you could wear lace tights/stockings, or try to find a lace corset and wear it with high waisted shorts, or get a lace bodysuit for summer or something, or lace gloves
    idk up to you really :)

  5. I just picked up 2 lace shirts & LOVE them under a black leather jacket w/ black jeans or something. Depends if you like black!