Pepper and Chips Sale!

I've created a Shop Pepper and Chips store! I have a lot of closet cleaning to do, and I figured my clothes would be more appreciated by you guys than the randoms on ebay.
My pepper and chips store can be found at shoppepperandchips.blogspot.com Go check it out!

I decided within the last couple of days that I small amount of closet editing needed to be done. SO, I picked out some things from my closet that I love but think deserve a better home (and I am broke and need mulah!), and am posting them here (also e-mail me if you want more photos! I have plenty). E-mail me at pepperandchips@gmail.com if you are interested in an item, and you can make a payment through paypal to my paypal e-mail, which I'll disclose once I've heard from you. I figured I could list these items on my blog for a day or two and whatever doesn't sell can go on ebay! You guys are priority :)
So anyway, here's what's up for grabs(everything is 5 dollar shipping!):
American Apparel Raglan Pullover in Light Blue Size M

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$12. Gently loved.

SOLD! Urban Outfitters beaded vest size Large
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$20. Originally retailed for over $70. Has beautiful beading although a few of the beads have fallen off. It drapes perfectly over anything!

Vintage 40s women's jacket

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$30. I bought this a couple of weeks ago at a thrift store in santa cruz, CA, and for some reason I haven't worn it yet. It is by no means new, according to the guy who works in the shop it's from the late 30s or early 40s and has those strong shoulders that are so in right now, AAAND feminine pink lining.

Ralph Lauren Sport blue and white striped tee, XL

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$5. Call me out for the wrinkled look, but I actually like it that way. This shirt must have been made by RL for little girls or something because it's an XL and fits me quite well, and I'm a medium. It's the perfect stripey t-shirt and I'm only selling it because I have too many already, ha.

Vintage Cream Oversized Sweater with Gold Buttons, fits any size

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$10. This was an impulse buy, because I don't have any oversized sweaters and I love that look! This one caught my eye because of the gold buttons and the perfect pockets in the front. It's warm and will literally fit anyone, but if sized would probably be sized to a Large.

Nordstroms forest green overcoat size L

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$20. This beautiful green coat was given to me as a gift, and doesn't fit and I am soooo sad about it! It's got beautiful green buttons and a cozy inside that absolutely serves its purpose of keeping you warm while at the same time serving its fashionable purpose of making you look super cute all the time. It measures 34.5" from the shoulder to the bottom, 18" from armpit to armpit (bust), and 25.5" from armpit to the bottom.
All of these measurements were taken while the garment was lying flat!

That's it! So e-mail me if you are interested and I will give you the rest of the information you need!


  1. Hi! You were right i really liked your blog! ;)


  2. Oh the Urban Outfitters vest is so beautiful!


  3. i want aa blue sweater and the tan sweater.