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Backstage at Jason Wu. The girls look great, these photos really 'get' the backstage moment for me--although I'm sure I can't imagine what it's ACTUALLY like. Shots like these will have to do for now. Off to make dinner and watch a movie for my film class called On the Waterfront. Anyone seen it?



  1. Yeah! It's a good movie!! Marlon Brando is fantastic.

  2. OMG! How lucky! You get to see "On The Waterfront" starring MARLON BRANDO <3333333 How did you like the film?
    I desperately NEED those Lace veils! Haa!
    Great post! ♥

  3. Wow, I do love it! I didn't even know my blog was an "inspirational" blog! It was originally going to be a personal fashion thing, but then i realized i'm not the most photogenic!
    I love your blog too!x