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Meet my new shoes. They showed up at my front door today and it was the perfect way to start the day. I got them from Etsy after browsing aimlessly and I think I got really lucky. I'm in love!
Oh, and I thought this might be a good day to show you my real Valentine:
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This was us on Valentine's day last year :) If you're wondering what that thing in the corner is, it's a dog's butt with a very pointy tail haha. I'm off to dinner soon with this boy, have a good night everyone!

(photos by me)


  1. LOL at the dog butt. Those are some sexy gromet style shoes. :) And they are lace up. even sexier.

  2. Those shoes are wonderful! Perfect for Spring weather too I think. I never have much luck with etsy, do you have any tips?

  3. this is so cutes!
    love the pointy dog tail and wow those shoes are amazing. which etsy shop are they from???

    january, x

  4. I love the shoes! And I think it's cool that you like Frida Gustavsson, I didn't realize she was known outside of Sweden.

    / Mathilda (Swede and resident of Stockholm):-)

  5. Hi!

    Love the oxford shoes! The color is just amazing! You're the lucky girl ;)

    Love the picture! You two are too cute. The dog's butt is hilarious. You're so gorgeous! Gosh, you two are adorable.

    It's great meeting you!

    en la moda